For lovers of nature, flowery gardens and German culture, we suggest to get to know the Romantic Route. Flanked by plane trees that in the fall offer a special atmosphere, breathtaking landscape and full of half-timbered buildings (typical German architecture), the Romantic Route has many leisure options for weekend getaways or for those who wish a quiet, romantic stay.

For those who enjoy the coziness that the cold weather offers, the months of May through August are perfect to get to know our comfortable and charming hotels and guesthouses, besides a plentiful and varied gastronomic network. It is in these months that the typical fog and frost are most frequent, phenomena that provide beautiful records.

But when springtime arrives accompanied by milder temperatures and longer days, the color of the innumerous places, streets and house gardens are a sight for sore eyes. It is at this time of the year that nature sports such as walking and hiking are offered by practically all member towns of the route.

The Romantic Route has been often named in the list of the top 10 most beautiful and charming roads to travel by car in Brazil. This title was conquered mainly due to the zeal that all the towns have for their well-tendered roads, most of them flanked by plane trees.

Located between the plain of the Rio dos Sinos valley and the Highlands of the Serra Gaúcha, the Romantic Route is only 40 km from the capital Porto Alegre and 35 km from the city of Caxias do Sul, two important access routes to Rio Grande do Sul. With your own car or a rented one, let yourself be charmed by this itinerary which brings a new emotion at every turn.



Outono na Rota Romântica

Aqui na Rota Romântica o clima já mudou, as folhas estão começando a amarelar e podemos contemplar a beleza do outono.


*Programming subject to change without notice.


17 MAYto23 MAY

Semana Nacional dos Museus

Dois Irmãos

Museu Histórico Municipal de Dois Irmãos

03 JUNto20 JUN

Festival Sabores da Colônia

Nova Petrópolis

Rua Coberta/Praça das Flores

03 JUN

Aniversário do Museu Histórico Municipal - 32 anos

Dois Irmãos

Museu Histórico Municipal de Dois Irmãos

06 JUN

2ª ECOFEST de Morro Reuter

Morro Reuter

12 JUNto02 AUG

Temporada de inverno


25 anos da Rota Romântinca


The idealizers of the itinerary, when they met in Augsburg, wanted to recreate Germany as a touristic destination after the disgraces caused by the Hitler terror. Their intention was for all foreign tourists to have a positive image of the country. With its beautiful medieval cities and towns along the Romantic Road it was possible to show a joyful, multifarious nation, and immersed in the history of the European Union. A triad of nature, culture and hospitality has been the trademark of the Romantic Road since 1950. It is the most known G